Analyzing Variables

This topic describes how to use Z-Ray to view and analyze the PHP variables used in your code.


To use the Z-Ray, the page you are inspecting must be located on your Web server, and the Z-Ray needs to be enabled. For more information on enabling the Z-Ray, see Enabling / Disabling the Z-Ray.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To analyze variables:

  1. Open your page in a browser.
    As soon and the page loads, Z-Ray is displayed at the bottom of the page.
  2. In Z-Ray, click the Request Info icon .
    The Request Info panel is displayed, with the Superglobals tab selected by default.

  1. In the Show filter on the left, select the type of variables you wish to view: Changed Entries, New Entries, Removed, Unchanged.
  2. To sort the information in the Queries List, select one of the column titles.
  3. Select a variable from the list to expand the array and see sub-tree items:
    • Changed items are displayed in blue.
    • New items are displayed in green.
    • Removed items are displayed in red and are struck through.
    • Unchanged items are not colored.
  4. For changed variables , the previous value is displayed under the Previous Value column.