Installing Zend Server on Mac OS X

This section describes the process for installing Zend Server on Mac OS X from a .dmg disk image. The disk image contains a .pkg installer for Zend Server (including MySQL).


  • 64-bit Mac OS X
  • An account with administrator privileges
  • A minimum of 500 megabytes of available disk space is required to unpack and install Zend Server.


After installing Zend Server 2019.0, you will automatically be using a 30-day Enterprise edition trial license. To continue working with Zend Server after this time period, contact Zend for a new license. For more information on Zend Serve editions, see Zend Server Editions.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To install Zend Server:

  1. Download Zend Server for Mac OS X from

  2. After downloading the package, locate the downloaded file, and double-click it to reveal the package file 'ZendServer.pkg'. Double-click the package file to start the installation process.
  3. Follow the instructions presented by the Installer. Pay attention to the Important Information presented during installation process.

  4. If necessary, click ”Change Install Location” to define a different location for installing Zend Server .

  5. Zend Server is installed to /usr/local/zend.
    Additionally, will be placed under /Applications through which you can access the UI.

Launching (initializing) Zend Server:

To launch and start using Zend Server, open your browser at: https://<Server_IP>:10082/ZendServer (secure), or http://<Server_IP>:10081/ZendServer.