Zend Server 2021.3

Zend Server is THE Professional PHP distribution with advanced value-add capabilities, including:

  • Over 80 of the most popular extensions and libraries
  • Z-Ray vision into your app increasing code quality and performance
  • Job queuing and caching for optimizing and boosting performance
  • Monitoring and root-cause analysis
  • Deployment and DevOps capabilities that help standardize and automate the full app lifecycle
  • H/A session clustering for maximum scalability and reliability
  • Secure developer visibility into production

If you are new to Zend Server, see these topics to get started:

What's New in Zend Server 2021.3

The following is a summary of what's new in Zend Server. For a complete list, see the Changelog.

  • Updated PHP versions and CVE fixes
  • IBM i support tool improvements
  • Updated extensions for IBM_DB2, ssh2, PECL and others
  • Bug fixes and UX improvements