Code Tracing Statistics

Code Tracing Tree is accessed from Monitor | Tracing by selecting a trace ID from the list.


The Statistics per Function tab is a table based display that provides a statistical perspective of the data captured in the request. The same data is displayed in two different ways. The “All functions” area at the top that lists all the functions included in the dump for a certain occurrence and the “Calls for Functions” area at the bottom that displays the function calls for a function selected from the list (by clicking on the function).
Use this tab to investigate performance information such as the slowest function (sorting the table by 'own time' will help pinpoint this).


The “All Functions” area includes the following columns:

 The “Calls for Functions” area includes the following columns:

When selecting an item from the “Calls for Functions” list details about the actual call are displayed if it is an object.


In Tables:

In the Statistics tab:


Enter a string in the search section trace_filter.pngand click trace_go.png to filter the display and only show the functions that match the entered string.




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