Zend Server Editions

There are different Zend Server product editions: Basic, Small Business (SMB), Professional, Enterprise and Developer. The Zend Server logo at the top-left corner of the UI displays the current edition being used. Support for certain Zend Server features depends on the type of edition you are subscribed to.

The pages, features and procedures described in the Online Help may display an edition label or icon , reflecting this difference in feature-availability.


If you are not sure which edition of Zend Server you are currently using, just take a look at the Zend Server product logo at the top-left corner of the UI.

Edition/Feature Table

This table details the difference in feature support for each Zend Server edition. Click a feature for information. For more information, see http://www.zend.com/en/products/server/editions.


Basic (IBMi only)

Small Business



Developer Standard

Developer Enterprise



Web Tickets

Business Hours


Web Tickets

1 Business Day

Security Hotfixes

PHP Support

Zend Framework Support

Expedited PHP and ZF Bugs

PHP Extensions

PHP and Application Management (Web UI)

Deployment *

Cluster Management

PHP Settings Backup and Restore

Notification Center


Data Cache

Page Cache

Job Queue(Offline Processing)

Session Clustering

Monitoring **

/2 hours

/ 2 weeks

/ 3 months

/ unlimited

/ 2 weeks

/ unlimited


/2 hours

/ 2 weeks

/ 3 months

/ unlimited

/ 2 weeks

/ unlimited

Code Tracing

Trace URL

Event-triggered Tracing


Email alerts

Custom actions

User Management

Admin Login

Developer Login

Extended Authentication (LDAP)

Custom Authentication

Audit Trail

Integration APIs

Java Bridge



Z-Ray Selective

*The Basic edition does not support application rollback.

** The Basic edition does not support Job Queue and Custom Event event rules.


The Alerting feature refers to Monitoring, Notification Center and Audit Trail notifications.


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