What's in Development

In the Development section, you will find information on how to use Zend Server and components in development for efficient detection and diagnosis of issues.

This document includes information on the following development issues:

  • Working with Zend Framework - This section explores the benefits of the Zend Framework pre-configured stack that includes all the system components for developing Web applications with PHP and how to load Zend Framework's classes in your scripts.
  • Configuring Zend Framework - This section presents the advantages of port-based virtual hosts and describes how to configure Zend Server to run Zend Framework projects in a development environment, using port-based virtual hosts.
  • Profiling - This section describes how to detect bottlenecks in your application using the Profiler and Zend Server.

  • Advanced Diagnostics with Zend Server- This section presents suggestions to help diagnose problems by event rules.