What's New in Zend Server 2019.0

This page will introduce you to the “latest and greatest” additions under Zend Server 2019.0.

See earlier version info: What's New in Zend Server 2018.0

Introducing Support for PHP 7.3

Zend Server 2019.0 ships with a certified and secure PHP 7.3 stack which also includes the largest amount of tested PHP extensions and libraries. All of Zend Server’s features and components, have been fine-tuned to make sure you can easily test your PHP 7.3 code on Zend Server.

Still on PHP 5.x? You should upgrade to PHP 7.3, to benefit from extraordinary performance improvements!

For more information, check php.net reference page for Migrating from PHP 7.2.x to PHP 7.3.x.

Multi PHP Version Support

Need to support multiple versions of PHP? Zend Server now includes more than one version of PHP that you can choose from. This allows you to take advantage of the latest version of Zend Server, with the newest features, while giving you maximum flexibility on when to upgrade your apps to the latest version of PHP. This allows for a simpler, smoother PHP upgrade process with the ability to roll back the upgrade if needed. Lastly, developers can now experiment with the latest version of PHP, while still being able to develop and test against the version of PHP that’s deployed in their production environment.

You can select your version of PHP from the PHP | PHP Info page.

Page Cache Improvements

The Page Cache subsystem was both made easier to use and more powerful. The rule engine was modernized and is now simpler and more intuitive to use. In addition, it is now possible to add conditions based on the response headers, allowing apps to signal to Page Cache whether or not the response should be cached. Finally, new APIs were introduced to allow for cross-cluster invalidation of cached copies.

URL Insight Improvements

The URL Insight dashboard has been redesigned, with clearer visualizations, separate Requests Per Second and Response Time measurements, and a distribution of events over time. It is now easy to obtain the list of critical events associated with any of the URLs displayed in the URL Insight pane.

Additional Notable Changes and Improvements

  • Z-Ray Response Body is now beautified.

  • You can now filter Z-Rays by token ID and name.
  • The Zend Server UI is now based on Zend Server 3 for improved performance.


Enjoy the new Zend Server 2019 and PHP 7.3 features and benefits!