Installed Components for IBM i

The following text provides a description of each of the Zend Server components that are installed in your environment Along with the installation location of each component.

Installation Directories




Installation Path




The Zend certified version of PHP  that includes commonly used and Zend extensions.

IBM i :  <install_path>/bin/php




Zend OPcache


Zend’s extension for using opcode caching and optimizations for PHP.

IBM i : <install_path>/lib/opcache



Zend Debugger


Zend’s extension for server side debugging, profiling and code coverage.

IBM i : <install_path>/lib/debugger



Zend Cache


A Zend extension for PHP data caching and partial PHP output caching.

IBM i : <install_path>/lib/datacache



Java Server


The Java PHP extension, Java daemon and setup files.

IBM i :
PHP Extensions
- <install_path>/lib/jbridge/php.5.3.x/


Java Daemon
- <install_path>/bin/javamw.jar



Java Bridge


Enables integration of Java libraries and classes within PHP applications.

IBM i : <install_path>/lib/jbridge


The Java Bridge requires that you have Oracle's JRE 1.5 (or later) or IBM's Java 1.5 (or later) installed on your computer. During (or after) installing (depending on the installation type), you are prompted to direct the installer to the JRE location. You should, therefore, already have JRE installed. More information about JRE and the latest updates can be obtained from


Zend Monitor


Collects information for monitoring and improving the quality of your PHP application.

IBM i: <install_path>/lib/monitor



Zend Job Queue


Offline asynchronous processing of tasks and activities.

IBM i:

Job Queue Extension:

PHP 5.3:<install_path>/lib/jobqueue/php-5.3.x/

PHP 5.4:<install_path>/lib/jobqueue/php-5.4.x/

Job Queue Daemon: <install_path>/bin/jqd

Job Queue Daemon Wrapper Script: <install_path>/bin/



Zend Code Tracing


Real-time execution flow recording in Production Environments

IBM i:

PHP 5.3:<install_path>/lib/codetracing/php-5.3.x/

PHP 5.4:<install_path>/lib/codetracing/php-5.4.x/



Zend Page Cache


A URL based HTML output cache for PHP scripts.

IBM i: <install_path>/lib/pagecache



Zend Framework and Zend Framework 2


Installs Zend's open-source framework for developing Web Applications and Web Services in PHP.

IBM i :




This installs libraries containing the Zend framework components.




Installs a complete ZendDBi database on the IBM i server.

IBM i: <install_path>/usr/local/MySQL

MySQL server's user name and password

IBM i : Default - "root" and no password

An optional separate installation that you are prompted for during installation. (The user is "root" no password).